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Helping content creators, educators, advocates, and artists create a healthy and sustainable online presence, while honoring the values and characteristics that make you unique and worthwhile!


Heya, you’re here early. I (clearly) haven’t finished stuff yet. But it’s coming, and you can check back with me later for more!


What’s easy for one person can be difficult for another. I can help you make sense of your vision, and illuminate the steps ahead in a way that works for you. We’ll capitalize on the strengths you have that capitalism tends to ignore.


Through Patreon and Discord, you can connect with other progressive minds, solve problems, and find support with people who are going through the same things you are.


Everyone’s unique! The goal is to customize your working plan so that it’s sustainable for your brain, your body, and your lifestyle. Don’t bend yourself to fit the mold– bend the mold to fit you.

Patreon Community

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1:1 Coaching

Let’s explore your vision and make some solid steps forward, in a way that feels the most like you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect from a 1:1 session?

If it’s your first time in, there will be a questionnaire and two 45-minute Zoom conversations. The questionnaire will save time by telling me all about you and your idea. Then we’ll meet up to clarify your vision, figure out how you work best, and identify your sticking points. You’ll leave with a set of clear steps forward. We’ll meet again within a month to go over any of your stumbling blocks, find solutions, redirect, and keep moving forward.

Later, you can sign up for single sessions as needed to get around specific obstacles that pop up, clarify next steps, smash your internal limitations, and keep you moving in the right direction.  

What is the Patreon like?

Subscribing to my Patreon gives you access to exclusive content on a monthly basis. There, I offer advice on content creation, business and marketing acumen, and accommodating neurodivergence. Here are the perks:

  • Monthly live classes that deep dive into specific topics
  • Access the full library of past classes
  • Small group workshops to navigate shared obstacles
  • Articles, videos, podcasts, and resource lists to keep you moving and motivated
  • Access to the Discord community of peers who can cheerlead and create solutions
  • Digital downloads of checklists, calendars, worksheets and templates
  • Opportunities for Q&A and voting on upcoming topics
  • Discount on personal sessions
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I was the kid who was making mix tapes
and recording TV to VHS tapes in the 80s. I was acting in school plays and getting a theatre degree in the 90s. I was developing websites and learning digital media production in the 2000s. And all the while, I did not know that my myriad talents and my deepest struggles were due to my neurodivergence.

Now I’m a generalist who really understands that, though many of us don’t fit into the corporate mold, we still have
so much to offer. We’ve spent a lifetime learning and imagining and creating on our own terms, and there
is absolutely a place for us now.