I am a storyteller– whether it’s 1/250th of a second- in a frame hanging on the wall, a mini-documentary to introduce your crowdfunding campaign, or a website for your small business.

What I do:
Create promotional and documentary materials with a combination of writing, photography, and videography.
Consult on marketing strategies– what to write, and how often.
Website registration, hosting, WordPress installation and customization.
Independent publishing of music, books, photography.

What I love about what I do:
I’ve got an uncanny sense of editor’s rhythm. I love alliteration. And I’ve got a knack for tripping the shutter at the precise instant when your mask is off and you are most genuinely and endearingly yourself.

Let’s document. Let’s self-publish. Let’s tell a story together.

Promotional Video

Video is simple, dynamic, and easy to share. It can be created from scratch, or assembled from images, audio, and video that you already have.

The opportunities to present a video are everywhere– how many of these have you watched in the last couple of weeks, yourself?

  • Instagram video teaser campaigns
  • Crowdfunding features
  • Documentaries
  • Promotional and moving portraiture

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